As much as we are in the business of sending people away to wonderful places for holidays, those of us in all segments of business should celebrate the return of the NHL to Winnipeg again.

I know the hoteliers are celebrating. There is no doubt in mind that occupancy rates during game nights will become consistently high.

Bars and restaurants must be doing cartwheels as those who arrive in Winnipeg early dine at one of our thousands of traditional and ethnic options.

After the game they will celebrate or drown their sorrows.

But people like us and other non direct business will benifit as well.

Those hotel, restaurant, and bar workers who are making more money will want to spend it, as we all do. Again there is no doubt travel will be a desired option.

They will book their trips with companies like our Renaissance Travel and they will shop before they travel at Journeys, buying products like luggage, Tilley Hats, and other travel accessories.

Companies who may find one more reason to consider investing in Winnipeg will add employees to our economy…and, from this, we will all benifit.

Young people may feel a greater reason to want to make their careers permanently in Winnipeg. And as tourists come here to see hockey they may return to see so much more of what we have to offer.

Safe Journeys

Ron Pradinuk