In a few hours we will be boarding our aircraft on our way to an incredible journey.

We visit the Swiss Canton of Ticino, the region that includes Lugano and borders Italy, before boarding the Silver Seas Silver Wind in Venice for a Mediterranean Cruise.

This is a trip most would likely look forward to, as do I.

But, like many, trying to get ahead in the office so things don’t fall apart over two weeks away builds up a barrel full of tension and stress.

I am fortunate. I do have a great staff on both the travel agency (Renaissance Travel ) and store side (Journeys Travel & Leisure superCentre ).

That fact does not make it any easier.

There are things that, no matter what, most executives cannot delegate. And if you were feeling like you were falling behind before your day of departure, getting caught up and dealing with the issues you know you must going forward creates a definite sense of panic in many.

But as the days progress somehow we at least come close to completing all our tasks. And the anticipation of the upcoming trip starts to overshadow the fear of not finishing everything that needs to be done before you head to the airport.

Once in the air it’s too late to worry. Don’t worry Mon…Be Happy.

So as the hour approaches I will think of a nice glass of wine, a meal on the overseas flight, the first sight of Lake Lugano and the mountains in the distance, and I will relax.

Aren’t we all a little the same.

Some passing worries may go through me on the trip, and I will deal with any genuine emergencies on the trip should they arise. But for the most part I will look forward to seeing the sights and experiencing the history, culture, and ambiance of a destination I have looked forward to visiting for several months.

As in other Journeys I will look forward to testing a number of travel products we sell in the store.

This time I will have Deb Peters, who will host my radio show in my absence, call me on  Roam Mobility phone next Sunday while I am in Florence ready to depart for Venice.

We sell Roam Mobility phones which in this case means Deb will call me on the United States assigned number and she will pay only the U.S. long distance rate and there will be no roaming fees attached to either of us.

I will also call in on the broadcast line and pay very low fees because of the Roam Mobility Low rates they have negotiated.

This is a excellent travel option for keeping in touch around the world. Se and you can buy a Roam Mobility phone on line at

We will again use our No Jet Lag homeopathic pills to ward off the effects of jet lag as we have in the past, and we both have all kinds of new travel clothing from Journeys.

Tilley Socks and ExOfficio Underwear are just the very best and the shirts of both brands wick moisture for me to stay cool, are crease resistant like crazy, and dry overnight if we chose to wash them.

These we have tested before and have always been thrilled with the performance.

If you have travel questions email me at