It’s called the SwissMiniaitur. Yes they were all miniature replicas of real castles and major sights around Switzerland.

But it truly is an amazing display.

Patterned after a similar park in Holland this one opened in 1959 and is now in its third generation as a family business.

Every building is designed exactly as the original, all of them at 1/25 of the originals as well.

Miniature trains, ski hills, and airports round out the castle display. It is worth seeing by children of all ages.

For lunch, and it was the best one so far, we dined at the Grotto del Parco in the small village of Morcote.

Starting with an anti-pasto of agnolotti with spinach, which was as tasty as any pasta either Rae or I have ever eaten, it is a specialty made on sight with freshly make pasta.

We then had fish again this time Lucio Perca with Artichokes. The best translation seems to be Pike Perch but nothing like we have at home.

I never would have thought of mixing the artichokes with the fish but it was tremendous.

We were full but our host insisted on serving a gelati topped with a regional Ticini liquer, just what we needed after having a glass of wine with the meal as well.

Then we were off to Monte San Salvatore, known as Lugano’s mountain.

We took a Funicular up most of the mountain but I was determined to take phots from the roof of the San Salvatore church to capture the panoramic view of the entire surrounding Canton.

Just before leaving we saw the 39 steps at MTC.

Today I think I did about 339 straight up carrying a pile of camera equipment with me. It was well worth the effort and I will be posting photos for all to see when I get back.

For some crazy reason even though I have been able to send photos home as and attachment, the system won’t allow me to put them onto this blog.

Tomorrow we see the UNESCO castles of Bellinzona. These are the real things and I will let you know what they were like tomorrow.

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These are great and wine lovers who travel really have taken to them.

Until tomorrow…arrivederchi !