Driving from the railway station by taxi the first impressions of Lugano were quickly formed.

I kept thinking kelowna, Lake Louise and all those other beautiful destinations that are formed by a beautiful lake framed by mountains and hills in the background.

After we rested we walded along Via Nassa street.

This is where money, and big money, gets left behind. Bulgari and all the biggest names you can think of have lined up there stores along this pedestrian street.

Beyond the street lie dozens of outdoor restaurants marketing pizza but featuring everything else in addition.

We enjoyed a bottle of wine and a nice meal before retiring, knowing today was going to be a big day.

The wine we selected was a regional Ticino one and it was outstanding.

Rae’s knee prevented here from joining me but after a big pizza and earlier train food I needed to burn off some calories.

For over an hour I walked the perimeter of the lake and can hardly wait to do so again in full daylight.

Adorned with sculptures throughout the shoreline sidewalk it really is an idylic atmosphore which needs to be seen to be appreciated.

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