Even from a distance you can feel it. There is something special about the walled city of Dubrovnik.

Inside the city walls lay a fortress of history, past and present, to be discovered.

As another UNESCO Heritage site,it carries with it all that we have come to expect out of these areas designated as such.

Wondering up and down the narrowest of streets you can feel the past. And then listening to the devastation wrote on the city in its most recent war with its neighbours, and what they had to do to rebuild the city is heartbreaking.

But Dubrovnik will have a strong tourism future again. Firstly as its prime industry the residents recognize the importance of the industry and take pains to make you feel welcome.

Beyond the gates, on a tour of the countryside the panoramic beauty is wondrous to behold.

We have just spent a most amazing day on a tour of the city and the area, and I cannot help but want to send thousands here.

Likewise we are on the Silver Seas Silver Wind vessel and if you make a Silver Seas trip your first you will never be able to go back to anything else again.

Quality is defined in this brand. And while it is my first trip on one of their fine ships, I cannot believe that the same quality of performance is anything else but standard with them.

From a product perspective I have been using my Pacsafe wallet and love it while Rae doesn’t part from her Ameribag when going ashore.

I bought an ExOfficio short sleeve shirt before I left and it has been exceptional, as all their products tend to be.

Tomorrow we are at sea with our next port of call being in Sicily the day after tomorrow.

Look for the products we are using at and I will try to keep up with the blog daily as well.