I remember the commercial. The guy’s heartburn gets cured by some indigestion tablet after he complains of eating an entire pizza the night before.

But here in Lugano Switzerland, in the Italian Canton of Ticino, seeing people eating an entire pizza is common.

Men, women, and children of all ages, they all seem to consume the entire pizza pie placed in front of them. As did we.

That’s because an Italian pizza is different than we tend to find in most pizza places and Italian restaurants at home.

Here the pizzas are made with an extremely thin crust. So thin that it simple folds if you try to pick it up.

No deep dish versions here so you are not filling yourself up with bread.

And the cheese is not loaded on top of the pizza shell, while the super special with a multitude of fillings is also a rarity. But taste. My gosh they do know how to create a tasty pizza.

So yes. I can believe I ate the whole thing. Twice. And perhaps one more time before we continue our journey tomorrow.

And I don’t even need indigestion tablets.

A nice bottle of Ticino Merlot wine with dinner shared between Rae and I was a perfect accompaniment.

We might buy a bottle and take it back in our wine bottle protector the Vinnibag. If you want to win your own Vinnibag go to the home page and click the Enter to Win icon.

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Today its castles, the real ones, and tomorrow its on to Florence for a new adventure.