I grew up in a farming community so eating horse meat was no big deal in those days.

There was no kind of meat not eaten and no part of an animal that went to waste. It’s just the way it was. And as time went by prime rib beef and pork tenderloin took the dining spotlight.

No one I know, and no restaurant I know serves horse meat.

So here we are in Ticino, the Italian Canton of Switzerland that is only a few kilometres from the Italian border.

Lugano, where we are staying and using as our base, is a beautiful city, with exceptional shops and restaurants.

Wages are higher here than in most other European countries and the region attracts a very wealthy clientelle. So wealthy I assume that the demand for a different dining experience is strong.

Our guide recommends an excellent restaurant to us call La Tinera. It is off a side street that looks like no one would go there.

On top of that it is in a basement of a building when most of the popular restaurants are out door option venues.

As we climb down the steep stairs I wonder if we have made the right decision in following her recommendation.

Entering the restaurant we find we are lucky to find a table without having made a reservation.

Our guide has told us that one of their specialties is horse meat…and that we might like to try it.

I am pretty daring but my wife Rae is sometimes less so. But not tonight.

We both order the horse meat steak, hoping like heck we have not condemned ourselves to a slow and painful death.

The plates are delivered and the meat looks like any other steak that we get served at restaurants often. Except for one thing.

As tender as beef can be this U.S. grade horse steak is more tender than most beef cuts we have eaten.

Don’t blanch at this but it does have a faint odor of actual horse. But the taste is great.

It will be a while before I am likely to order it again but I ate every last bite. Rae left a bit when she confessed to thinking about National Velvet…but Liz is gone and so was the pony on my plate.

The Ticino wine did not hurt in erasing any sense of movie memories and the side was an excellent compliment.

Tomorrow we will return to Pizza and Pasta. But for today we have had another travel experience worth remembering.

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