I really feel that the product No Jet Lag works. Both Rae and I took these homeopathic tablets going to Europe and coming back again.

She swears by them and so do I. Especially going East through time zones people seem to have little or no effect from Jet Lag.

Coming back, while tired as we adjusted to new time zones, those that know that horrible jet lag feeling that makes you feel horrible for days, with No Jet Lag it just doesn’t seem to happen.

As a result I was back in the office working as per normal the day after our return.

And notwithstanding the tremendous time we had in Lugago and the Ticino district of Switzerland followed by our Silver Seas Silver Wind cruise with my sister and brother-in-law, it is good to be back.

But it is the long weekend, and like many cottage owners the weekend to ‘open up’.

We are in Sioux Narrows, truly one of the most beautiful areas in Lake of the Woods. I wrote a story about it in the Winnipeg Free Press last year which you can read on our website directly @ .

While today is opening day for walleye fishing and I would prefer to be on the water, the rain has meant that I am doing a lot more of the things Rae would like me to do that she usually does.

I have been the dishwasher king all day since Rae insists that every single plate, pot, square inch of cubboard and piece of furniture needs to be washed, wiped, scrubbed, vacuumed, and other wise sanitized.

God I was doing well until I went through all that.

Tomorrow after a couple of weeks not hosting the show, I am back on the Journeys Travel Show at noon CST.

I will be talking about the trip, what we learned and some pretty serious tips you may find helpful.

Join me tomorrow at noon CST on CJOB68 live.

I hope it clears because right after the show Wally Walleye is waiting and I am ready for a fresh meal of fresh caught fish.

All the best until tomorrow…and as always, Safe Journeys

Ron Pradinuk