It has been an exceptional 17 days of travel.

Four days in Lugano touring the Swiss Canton of Ticino, a day and a half in Florence (not enough), a couple of days in Venice (not enough here either), and a week aboard the Silver Seas Silver Wind with stops in Split, Dubrovnik, Sicily, Sorrento, and Rome,  then a day trip by car to Pompei with my sister and brother-in-law. They were all wonderful.

And the trip home would have been uneventful but for one obstacle.

I knew we had a short time to catch our connecting flight from Montreal to Winnipeg after Air Canada changed the departure time from Montreal as part of their fall schedule.

Since it was the last opportunity to get out of Montreal and get home Tuesday night I left it as is hoping our overseas flight just might arrive early while the Montreal Winnipeg leg left late.

Since neither of these occured we are now bunkered in at the Comfort Inn in Dorval and not on a flight until 1:30 PM…And now I really want to get home.

When it’s over, it should be over.

There will be no tours or dining here in the city I love a lot, just the wait to catch the flight to begin another great Manitoba summer.

In the meantime I am up early, feeling fine because of my No Jet Lag pills, but still adjusting to our new life in a Canadian time zone.

Safe Journeys and a safe summer to all.

Ron Pradinuk