It could have been an easier route but it worked out well all the same.

When we started planning this trip most of it was based around the cruise we were hosting on the Silver Seas Silver Wind and some travel around Italy with my sister and brother in law.

They were leaving April 30 business class on Air Canada. We had the points to do the same but Aeroplan didn’t have that many seats allocated for those flights.

So I booked business class to Rome on points I was able to transfer from my RBC Avion account to British Airways. We were leaving one day later than them on May 1 but we quickly agreed that would not be a problem.

Then, after taking in the Europe Media Exchange in November the people of Switzerland’s Ticino region suggested that since I was so close I should experience this Swiss Canton which borders Italy and is, for the most part entirely Italian speaking and influenced.

My sister and brother in law, not having been to Italy, decided to stay the course and travel around Tuscany until we plan to meet on May 7 in Florence.

Today we landed in Rome. Had I known I would be going to Ticino we could have saved considerable time and travel hours flying into Milan.

Tomorrow, thanks to Italy Rail we will take the speed train to Milan, and then get to Lugano soon after on Swiss Rail.

We are currently staying at a small bed and breakfast cal la Casa di Amy.

While the room is sparse, it is clean and quite nice. And the people seemed extremely friendly.

We will have a nice breadfast here and then head to the rail terminal, which is only two short walking blocks away.

On our last trip here we stayed at a hotel only about 50 yards away. Rae was tired so I walked around the area for about 3/4 of an hour.  It brought back fond memories of the trip with my ex brother in law (good friend) and ex mother in law (who will forever be my mother in law, an amazing woman)

On our last trip, the Western Caribbean Cruise, last month for some reason the right knee of my wife went out on her.

She is still suffering so it makes it tough for her…but she is toughing it out.

I will let you know how things go in Ticino

I had Patrick Lardi, head of communications for the region on the Journeys Travel Show this past Sunday. It should be posted on our website in a couple of days.

Take a listen and I will keep blogging,

Safe Journeys to All

Ron Pradinuk