We left Lugano this morning on our way to Florence.

But before we did we had a chance to visit the three UNESCO Castles in Bellinzona, a really lovely small city less than a half hour out of Lugano.

These castles are in great shape, and they have to be to gain the UNESCO approval.

We got back to our hotel after a big pizza lunch and couldn’t eat again until very late.

It was our last night so we decided to try to find something a little different in a restaurant. There was something about the Cafe Retro Restaurant that attracted us, and we were both glad it did.

A live piano player created the mood, on the ball service helped the satisfaction of the experience, and the food was absolutely delicious.

Rae had onion soup, I had a pasta soup, and we both raved over our lasagne. This was better than any lasagne either of us could remember eating.

The days here went by quickly, but it was time to greet a new adventure. And my sister and brother in law in Florence.

We celebrated with a bottle of wine (or was it two) and then walked to the nearby market.

Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was the perception of quality Florence has for a number of things but especially leather goods.

After a few purchases we are back in our hotel room ready for a siesta and then a nice dinner together.

We only have a day and a half in Florence so there is no question we will really be on the go to try to take in David and a lot more of what Florence is all about in art and history.

If you have been here before I would love to have your comments.