We, my daughter and I that is, have just returned from the big Canadian Luggage Leather Handbag and Accessories Show in Toronto.

It is Canada’s biggest event of its kind. After researching new products at the Travel Goods Association in Chicago a few weeks ago, this is the show where we really spend money buying products for our customers in the year ahead.

The show brought back fond memories since this was where we were accorded the honour of RETAILER OF THE YEAR for 2010.

This year we approached the show with definite objective in mind in addition to ensuring our luggage collections were of the quality and variety our customers would appreciate.

We had concluded our business section was lacking in total scope and were determined to try to offer the best business case collection available in the marketplace.

We believe we will have achieved that distinction once all the orders are filled and displayed in our new Journeys Business area.

We have interesting options for both men and women but really made sure we were adding cases women would feel are both practical and fashionable. Here my daughter Hilary, the buyer of swim and clothing lines, was invaluable.

While in Toronto we also met with the wonderful people at Tilley Endurables and will be adding a huge selection of their spring and summer product, and will be advertising it over the next few weeks.

There are some great new styles in the collection and Hilary was quite excited to be adding to our depth as we get into cottage and automobile travel season.

It is back to work for us now but it is always a special few days putting the next 52 weeks in place for our clients during that time.

We try to put most of the products online as they come in. You can see them at

We offer a free shipping program for deliveries anywhere close or far in North America.

And you can call our 800 number to talk to us about questions you may have about product.

Have a warm and satisfying summer!