This has been an amazing couple of travel months.

Since early March I have travelled more than I likely ever have in that short a period with more to come next week.

First it was our trade show trip to Chicago for the Travel Goods Association major buying exhibition. With my daughter, who is the buyer of many of the Journeys products, we also turned the trip into a tourist vacation as well.

We took in a hockey game, a play, a Second City Revue, fine dining, and for Hilary a trip to Oprah’s Harpo studios (and store of course).

Then my wife and I spend a week at the fine Barcelo Resort in Manzanillo. Transat Holidays, who are the only tour operator serving that region at present, bagged a good one with that.

Then, we were honoured as one of the Top25 Canadian agencies (not bad out of about 600) on the amazing Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam. We were treated like royalty by all; and the ship really is worth finding an itinerary to book your vacation.

Then last week, kidney stone and all, I went with Hilary to the big Canadian Luggage Leather, and Handbags Association show in Toronto.

Nothwithstanding we spent too much money on product, especially business cases, the memories of winning Retailer of the year for 2010 last year made it particularly gratifying.

Next week we head off again, firstly to the Swiss Canton of Ticino which borders Italy and includes the beautiful area around Lugano, UNESCO heritage sites, mountains, fishing villages, Italian food with a Swiss influence, and lots of everything to do.

Finally we end our couple of month travel extravaganza on board the Silver Seas Silver Wind, after a short stop in Florence, to cruise from Venice to Rome with stops in Dubrovnick, Split, Sicily, and Sorrento.

That takes us to the May long weekend where we will head out to the Beautiful lake of the Woods Sioux Narrows area to open up our summer cottage.

And I do it all for you. For the columns in the Winnipeg Free Press. For my weekly radio show on CJOB, and for the travel stories I write for you to read.

Well I guess the last paragraph is a big bit of a stretch. For me travel is part of a happy addiction. I love the discovery of people places and cultures.

Buying for Journeys doesn’t feel like work at all. And finding the newest products that make travel more convenient, comfortable, or safe has always been a thrill for me.

I love sharing stories with people who have been to places I haven’t, and comparing notes with those with whom we may have crossed the same paths at different times.

And I really like having a retail store and travel agency where we help send nice people to nice places.

If you have never been to our store it is Journeys Travel & Leisure SuperCentre at the corner of Donald and Wardlaw in Winnipeg.

Our website is . We sell quality travel products including travel clothing, swimwear, travel accessories, luggage and virtually everything a traveller needs.

And we give free shipping to our online buyers.

Safe Journeys to all as I head out on the road on more time. Just For You! Hmmm!