The Canadian dollar, suddenly a world powerhouse, opens a lot of doors for us these days. We look like an economically powerful island, notwithstanding our finance minister’s concerns that the economic recover is still on fragile ground.

Conflict and protests all over the world have unfortunately  dampened the enthusiasm for travel to places like Egypt and Tunisia.

New Zealand and Australia have gone through there own battles with nature…And lost.

But Europe, notwithstanding protests in Greece, remains attractive even though a number of the member Euro countries are on the edge of economic collapse.

It is because of their misfortune that prices for Canadians are looking pretty attractive.

To add to the allure, available charter seats to European destinations keep being increased more and more as tour operators and airlines adds flights.

Just yesterday the Sunwing Group announced its plans to serve London Gatwick, France and a number of other countries.

Air Transat and Transat holidays recently announced an aggressive cities schedule while Air Canada has been popping in new announments by-weekly it seems.

You want Greece, we have it. Turkey, it’s there for us. London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Amsterdam? Most of the great cities of Europe have flights.

Prices at worst are fair and I think pretty attractive. So let’s cllimb aboard to the lands of castles kings and princes of the past.

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