As we arrived in Chicago last night the weather was cool but acceptable for a nice walk around the block form the Hard Rock Hotel, where we are staying.

I phone a contact in Chicago to get some local flavour restaurants that perhaps are not those that get a great review because the advertise in a local guide book.

Since we are going to the United Center for a Blackhawks hockey game I ask for one recommendation which might be near or on the way to the center.

He recommends we go to Greek Town, which is more or less on the way, and dine in a restaurant called Pegasus.

As he recommended it to us, I recommend it to you.

This was traditional Greek at its best. There were three of us and we all loved the food. 

The Greek chicken, which one of them ordered was apparently very good. I ordered the Seafood Chowder to start. According to the menu it is only served on Fridays and if you can plan your visit for that day be sure to try it.

My daughter ordered the Greek Lemon soup (Avgolemono) and she said it was excellent as well. After stealing a couple of spoonfuls I had to agree.

But the crowning acheivement so far as I am concerned were the Lamb Chops. Thick, cooked to perfection at medium as I asked, an exceptional blend of spices, and I could have stayed there all night.

It was an interesting ambiance as well with a well design and not at all garish
mural of Mykonos covering three of the four walls.

Rain had started as we left for Greek Town. By the time we left it was coming down pretty hard.

Rushing to get inside the United Center we were contemplating what would greet us when the game was over.

With Winnipeg’s Jonathan Toews scoring the first goal against Caroline within the first couple of minutes we knew we were in for a fun evening.

The Blackhawks were far the superior team and a 5-2 victory gave truth to the prediction we made after the first goal.

As we were leaving the Center our second prediction also rang true. The rain was horrible.

Now I assume many tourists go to hockey games in Chicago…and they likely take taxis to get there. It seems logical therefore that dozens of cabs would be lined up to transport guests back to their downtown hotels.

For3/4 of an hour we braved the rain and huge winds looking for a taxi, which never did come. We had to walk to the nearest busy corner to catch one, and that was not easy.

By morning the rain had turned to sleet.  We hopped on the On And Off bus to take us around Chicago thinking this would be a good way to spend the day.

After one stop and needle driving sleet and frigid winds we knew we either had to hop on and stay on, or get back to the hotel. The latter was our choice.

Tonight we take in a play called God of Carnage at the Goodman Theatre.

We will not be wondering the streets ahead of time or after the show. The weather keeps getting worse.

Tomorrow we start buying luggage, still looking forward to going to watch the longstanding Second City Comedy Review in the evening.

Weather, please change.