The Tsunami in Japan certain is worthy of substantive coverage. The true numbers of deaths and casualties is still to be counted.

And the visuals captured by ordinary people in the new world of social media and electronic camera video is able to take us inside devastation zones like Japan as though we were there.

But what’s happening to the protestors who were about to be pulverized by the planes and military of the madman of Libya.

The cameras seem to have disappeared from the country and coverage is now sporadic at best.

The Tsusami floods will subside and nations will move in to help the affected.

But will any nation move in to help the Libyian people who want to see their lives change for the better. Not likely. We will observe a world wide shrug as we move on to the next story. And the dictators of the world have the formula for success against future uprisings.

And the leaders of nations will as quickly as possible try to bring a posative agenda to the surface which will make us all feel good about ourselves again.

In the meantime the spy apparatuses of nations like Libya will make sure a second ‘mistake’ never happens again as the individuals and their families who participated in the uprising will be tortured and killed.