Savino Ayala drives a taxi. With four years working in Seattle Washington behind him he is fairly articulate in English, and obviously from some many of the comments he makes, very intelligent.

Our friends, the lukies, found him somehow during their stay in Manzanillo the week before ours.They recommend him to us after spending a full day of touring some of the best tourist, and not so tourist, spots in the region.

He was good company and stopped often to explain things to us. At a banana grove we learned why the bananas were wrapped with paper and plastic.

We tasted the cactus that was supposed to be good for heartburn and diabetes.

We travelled by boat over to Isla Navidad where we had lunch and spent some time in Barra De Navidad, Jalusco to view the Christ of the Hurricance, whose arms fell to his side in the midst of 1971’s Hurricane Lilly as the people were inside the church praying.

He stopped a cemetary proving that many Mexicans as he said “seem to be worth more dead than alive”.

He does a lot of this kind of driver guiding and we also have no problem recommending him.  His cell in Mexico is 314 119-0602.  His email is

If you email him give him time to respond. He has to get it translated and to give you an idea of his character he is currently enrolled in classes learning how to read and write English, obviously his second language.

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The weather here is perfect. Hot but not to hot with pleasant evenings and mornings that making golfing or excercising easy.