I wouldn’t be thinking of those scissors that you use to cut cloth, or grass, or anything beyond your nails. But it is good news.

Canada’s own Minister of State for Transport Rob Merrifield grant his permission las week..along with the freedom to carry on small tools…and I do mean small.

This is all in an effort to improve security and speed up passenger screening times, his transport department said, I would have thought by now everyone would have heard enough to have been coplying by the old rules, but apparently not.

What you will now be allowed to board with are small scissors and tools, such as eyeglass screwdrivers, that are less than 6 centimetres (2.4 inches) in length.

The revised list is now supposed to make it easier for security to focus on more serious threats, such as explosives. This, the department suggests, will bring Canada’s banned item list in line with those of other countries.

This I think is a good part of the announcemnt. Airports will also expand use of channels for pre-approved passengers with a NEXUS card and lines designated for families. The family lines will have equipment designed for bigger items, such as strollers.

Let’s face it a family of confusion can really hold up the process. This will at least enable them to deal with presumably trained individuals who can help families organize quicker.

“Some of the specific changes may go unnoticed by passengers, but something they will notice is lines will be moving much faster,” Merrifield said.

In his announcement Merrifield estimated the measures could improve passenger-screening times by 30 percent.

Passenger screenings at airports have become increasingly controversial, particularly in the United States, where some passengers have objected to the use of revealing full-body scanners and extra-thorough patdowns.

On my last number of tips I have seen these expensive machines sit idle as no one seemed to be asked to go through them…and no grouping that I observed.