Until a couple of weeks ago Tunisia was a hidden gem. Watching the news about the rioting that took place their a couple of weeks ago the broadcasts referred to the number of tourist who were leaving.

The news caused many to admit they did not realize Tunisia was such an appealing destination for so many. And indeed it was a diamond of a holiday destination that was being discovered by tourists from around the world.

Especially attractive as a long-stay destination because of its quality restaurants and accommodation at extremely reasonable prices, it has shown consistent growth over the last few years.

Dubai investors have recently made significant commitments to major developments that hopefully won’t be sidelined by the recent upheavals.

Tunisia has an impressive history to share with visitors, and even though it is a Muslim country it has been praised for its modern and moderate approach and lifestyle.

Cruise ships have made it a regular stop and from the many people I have talked with who have spent time in Tunisia, I have received nothing but glowing reports.

We can only hope that with upcoming elections the protests will end and the country can return to being the prime destination that it seemed to be leading toward.

Tourism is such an important economic generator for so many emerging nations like Tunisia that it would be a shame to see its progress curtailed.

In the meantime, the Canadian government has issued an official warning against travel to that country, which at the time of this writing, still stands.

Of all the countries in that region that are going through turmoil at this time, this is the one I have most confidence in the ability of its people to find new leaders who will be moderate and help the nation progress.

I genuinely want to go back. It has books of history to share and visual memories to fill several scrapbooks of photos.

Tourism does bring peace and prospertity…and I look forward to going back and sending hundreds there again.

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