Never  a week goes by when there aren’t at least 2-3 stories in the media relating to these pests.

Virtually eradicated 50 years ago, the good people who decided to save our lives by eliminating DDT have wracked havoc on the lives of millions around the world.

Today there is no part of the globe where bedbugs are not an epidemic.

Regardless of where you live, even if you don’t see any of it around you, there is a chance someone you know may be plagued by them now.

In a recent discussion with someone I know, they confided that the worst few months of their families lives was the time they had bedbugs in their home, and the frustration and pain they suffered until they were finally able to get rid of them.

And that is because bedbugs are not about dirty people or dirty hotels or apartments.

Check out and you will see that they are being found in the finest hotels including the best name brand hotels in the cleanest areas and cities.

When you travel there is only one thing worse than sleeping in a bed with these creatures. That would be if you were to bring them back home. The “bites” are horrible and the itch lasts a long time.

How do I know? I was in a fine hotel with bedbugs, and the memory will stay with me forever.

A family member told me he has now stayed in two properties in Saskatoon and been attacked by bedbugs.

So clearly what is worse than having them in your hotel bed is the possibility you might somehow let them find a way to get into your luggage and transport them back to your house.

There are a few things you can do.


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Some important pieces of advice when you travel.  Do not put your suitcases on the bed. You are asking for trouble.

Most hotels have a luggage rack. Move it away from the walls and dresser and put your bags on it immediately.

If you want to check for bedbugs carry a small penlight type flashlight. Upon entering the room do not put on the light. Sweep back the covers and shine the light on the bedsheets.

Bedbugs will show up as a bunch of small black dots.

It is better if you go in at night as during the day they are hidden deep and you won’t see them as easy as you will going into a darkened room with the small light.

Protect yourself and your family…because as my aquaintance who had them in his home said, it can be one of the worst periods in your families life.