There is a huge expense in planning a wedding in your home town or city.

Then there are the decisions. Who do we have to leave off the list to keep the numbers reasonable? Where should we go for the pictures? How many times to I have to meet with the hotel or banquet hall where the reception is being held?

Today is the last day of the Wedding Show in Winnipeg and thousands of engaged couples, and their mothers I dare say, will be researching the many suppliers that go into a wedding day success. This is happening now all over North America if not the world.

But a distination wedding saves hassle, stress, and money.

Invite as many people as you like. In the end experience has shown us that the numbers for a destination wedding are far less as only the best friends and family are likely to attend.

A general rule of thumb is that no more than one third of the people you might invite to a home based wedding are likely to take the holiday wedding trip with you.

A wedding in you home city may be a celebration with a couple of hundred friends, while destination weddings of over a hundred are not common. The average seems to be in the 20-60 range, although we have handled some big ones.

Even in an all inclusive you will still have banquet costs but with lower numbers they are reasonable and you are not running around finding the banquet hall, or worrying about quality control.

And what better environment for a reception than under the stars with the ocean lapping on the shore nearby as you and your guest enjoy the warmth of a mid winter night.

It is interesting to observe that second time marrieans really prefer the destination wedding with fewer guests and none of the politics they may have gone through in their first time round.

As a travel agency experienced in handling destination weddings we do not charge any wedding planning fees. In fact we have all kinds of benifits for those who choose to book with us.

Depending on the numbers we offer free luggage, free tanning, shopping  discounts, and free save the date cards, one of the most important of actions that must take place early to ensure the guests you want have the time to plan ahead. The last thing you want is to have some of your closest friends or relatives unaware of your plans and have gone too far in making plans of their own to get their monies back.

While the majority of destination weddings tend to take place at sun destinations, weddings in castles in Europe or other romantic locations are also common. As are cruise weddings as reported in a previous blog.

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