It is absolutely reprehensible that you would encourage people to visit Cuba! The citizens there are not free and any tourist dollars gathered by the nefarious Communist state goes to keep the proud Cuban people enslaved. Isn’t it shameful?

These were the strident but passionate words I received in a recent email.

This was from a Canadian but I have no doubt is a view felt by many Americans as well. After some thought I answered him, and published both question and answer in my weekly column in the Winnipeg Free Press.

I would love to see your comments so I hope you will take the time to place your views in the comment section below.

My response read as follows.

As you likely know Cuba has been a prime destination for Canadians since the 70’s. In fact it was Canada that really opened up tourist travel to that country.

While I appreciate your views about the governance of Cuba, there are many other countries in the world that are popular tourist regions which do not have the kind of democracy and freedoms we enjoy as well.

I also hear from readers who abhor the United States because of what they feel has been an unfair policy of restrictions against Cuba.

Whether it is China, Egypt, or any number of other nations that tend to be governed by regimes of some sort or another, the question that might also be asked is whether the foreigners who visit don’t also bring with them an education about what is happening beyond their borders.

It is clear that while many may share your views about the Cuban regime, it has not curtailed desire travel there. Year after year it is Canadians who travel there in the largest numbers to take advantage of some of the best beaches and all inclusive properties anywhere.

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