The best laid plans of mice and men! They just seem to get mucked up sometimes…and if you’re in the aircraft manufacturing business little things like fires in flight can really screw up things a lot.

So the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, initially scheduled to be launched in 2008, and then delayed time after time has yet one more new launch date to post.

A November fire aboard a test flight lead to the complete grounding of all test aircraft until the problem could be solved.

Now the manufacturer suggest June or July would be good months, while industry analysts suggest the end of 2011 maay be more realistic.

Delays in introducing new aircraft are not unusuall, although a three year delay does take the edge of some of the anticipation.

But from the consumer point of view, these delays are a good thing. I don’t know about you but I prefer my fires while roasting hot dogs and marshmellows.

Even with the poor service we get on board airplanes these days this is not an inflight activity I car to participate in just yet.

So Boeing will keep working, and no doubt the will work our all the kinks.

The new aircraft, which is supposed to be exceptionally fuel efficient in part because of its 50% composite materials stucture, will eventually arrive.

This aircraft is not meant to compete with the flying cities we seem to be seeing come out now.

At just 210 to 250 passengers it will have an extended range and will be able to serve the long distances airline companies want without having to sell hundreds of tickets per flight.

Boeing is likely frustrated with their own performance and embarrased by some of the news reports, but I say, take your time.

Your time is my confidence, and I like the airline companies who must keep waiting longer for their deliveries say, make it right before it is sold.