Authorities have now concluded that the explosion at the Playa Del Carmen resort last month at the Grand Riviera Princess hotel was caused by a leak in an unauthorized gas line extension.

The swamp gas theory that first was put forth seemed a little far fetched, but apparently to any number of scientists at least plausible.

But a report soon after on a national news cast pointed out that the last time an explosion of consequence from built up gas last took place in England in 1984,

The swamp gas explanation just did not seem to be holding up to scrutiny. Yet worldwide media reported it as though it were fact. As a result fears about travelling to Mexico increased, and there was an initial, if not ongoing reluctance to book holidays in that area for fear of another swamp gas explosion.

Now the second reason given seems to be holding true, that human error and I might had irresponsibility was the cause. And that lack of responsibility killed 5 Canadians and 2 Mexicans and injured at least 18 others.

So what is the price of a life in Mexico. The Grand Riviera Princess was fined a total of $487,000, about $69,570 per life, not even counting the injured.

I know a half a million dollars is not chump change to any resort, but who authorized the gasline extension? And why was their shoddy workmanship?

These answers need to be forthcoming.

I have travelled to Playa Del Carmen in each of the last two years and will willingly do so again this year.

I am confident in the resorts and the way they are run. But I do expect the Mexican government to follow up to ensure all involved are prosecuted so as to present a deterent to any future work projects which might otherwise lead to shortcuts, and non approved construction.

This country deserves more and it deserves our support for the kind of people who are committed to serving tourists and who make their livelihood from us.

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