As I was preparing my last Ask Journeys column of the year looking at future trends, in my research I discovered one that proved exceptionally interesting, considering the weather events of this week.

During the Volcanic action that caused havoc going in and out of Europe in late April many found out how important it was to have cancellation insurance policies.

Some found out the hard way, while those who were prepared for all eventualities, were extremely happy in the end.

They were the ones who got reimbursed for the amount of their coverage, while others simple lost their investments completely.

Airlines then, as now, did their best to reschedule passengers but already full flights later in the week meant that there was no place to put those clients who were hoping to at least recapture at least part of their vacation.

Cruise ships and motorcoach tours don’t wait for those who couldn’t make it on time.

So, as it turns out, the travelling public got the message travel agents have been trying to sell for decades…i.e…TRAVEL INSURANCE…We hope you never need it, but we hope you have it…JUST IN CASE.

Travellers have been building increased cancellation insurance into their budgeting, recognizing that as infrequent as are events like volcano eruptions, and major snowstorms in places that seldom get them, it is the unusual that seems to be becoming the norm.

So think ahead and plan ahead. No one wants to forsee anything that could through your best laid plans into chaos, but it just happens. And those that think the investment too high are left high and dry, or as in the most recent weather disruption, out in the cold.

Warm up to the idea of cancellation and other important insurance coverage. It is becoming an important adjunct to travel planning…and it should be.

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