We are here at the Horseshoe Bay Resort run by the Marriott company.

While we are here for golf, this place is so much more that golf that as important as the activity is in attracting clients, it is only a slice of a very juicy pie.

The resort overlooks Lake lBJ,  and the designers for the property incorporated the huge boulders that nature presented them millions of years ago, into the look and feel of the surrounding environment.

Horseshoe Bay has its own yacht club, and here you can rent water vessels of all sizes and categories.

A lot of resorts will offer mini-golf for the family. This has taken the concept beyond anyone’s imagination.  A 1700 yard par 72 putting course winds its way around the resort.

Lots of pools and restaurants dot the property and since we have only just arrived I have loads more exploring to do and report, which I will try to do before the end of the day.

In the meantime just take a look at http://www.hsbresort.com/ to get a feel of what we are experiencing.