This surely tops all when thinking about freak events.

Swamp Gas? I actually have heard some vague references to the dangers inherent from the build up of such gases. But to create a massive explosion that kills and injures as many people as this event has, is really asking us to believe the impossible.

Yet no one a day later is suggesting anything else but that.

I have gone to Playa del Carmen and spent a week there in each of the last two winters.

I can’t figure where these swamps are in a region where the properties are side by side, with manicured lawns, pools, and flowers.

Following on the Carnival Cruise Line fire it seems a unwelcoming start to the busiest travel season of the year.

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in this explosion.

And I trust that resort hotels will take a closer look at their back yards. And I don’t just mean in the Playa del Carmen area.

I have seen swamps around properties in other countries we travel to each year.

Few would likely expect that an event like this could actually occur but due diligence is required immediately from all property managers around the world that may share similar conditions.

At the same time it is impossable to predict the improbable. And to suggest such an event could occur again stretches the imagination.

There are people who will chose not to travel because of fears the publicity has generated.

Yet as always the main source of death and injury for travellers is not explosions, terrorism, muggings and other crime, or plane crashes, it is vehicle and pedestrian accidents that are the primary cause.

Some things we can’t prevent…but some we can.