Unless you haven’t had any attention for a very long time, and find some thrill from prison-like probes, most people will forgo their principled stand on privacy and walk into the X-ray machine that allows only the selected few to see what you’ve got.

Brian Sodergren, 33, of Ashburn, Va., stood by his principles, got thrown out of the airport, got threatened with a law suit, and slunk home with his homemade video between his legs…or wherever.

Posting the video on the internet, it has gone viral and raised the debate about privacy and security.

While I have sympathy for the stand those opposed to the scanners take, I don’t think we can complain about the extreme degrees officials must go to trying to insure there is nothing explosive, so to speak, in a passengers crotch.

Is that a gun you have hidden there or are you just happy to see me, the old joke goes.

But in the security business it’s all serious.

Let one person get by with a real explosive that downs a plane, and no one will have sympathy for the privacy point of view.

In the meantime the debate will continue.

What is your view?