I was disquieted by the recent warnings relating to Europe. We were told to be alert but there was no other precautionary advice that went with that. It seemed like there wasn’t anything we could do?

I began to look into this and found some very interesting information.

As usual, while experts differ on what should be done to reduce the risk of being caught in a terrorist attack, which could take place anywhere, there are actions you can plan ahead of time to reduce risk in case there was an event occuring where you might be travelling.

One of the best pieces of advice I found, which should be a part of any hotel stay, is know and plan your escape routes. We have an innate faith that there could never be a fire in the places where we stay, yet history has shown some dramatic incidents even in 5 star rated hotels.

Never try to take an elevator in any of these circumstances. Look for the route that will get you out of the hotel quickly. Some suggest staying only in rooms below six or seven floors since fire ladders cannot be raised beyond those heights.

Carry a flashlight with you at all times. In the event of an emergency the power will likely fail or be shut down quickly. A small flashlight is all you would need to help you navigate your escape.

Some even suggest staying away from international brand name hotels, since they are more likely to be prime targets. A local property, unless related to a specific regional issue, is not likely to be the first target of terrorists.

Lock your luggage to prevent people from using it as a location to plant bombs or drugs that you may carry unsuspectingly.

While the United States and Britain have master keys for an approved series of locks, other countries don’t. These other countries don’t really like locks and you may find them cut off if they wish to check your bags.

Locks are inexpensive, and at least you will instantly know if your luggage has been tampered with, even if it was by security.

While it may be considered extreme, some experts suggest travellers carry a smoke mask and respirator in your bags to have available in your room at all times. This will add weight to your luggage, but if it provides a measure of mental comfort while you are on the road, it may be worth the investment.

Thankfully terrorist attacks have been few and far between. But the world we live in, at home or abroad, has forced us to at least examine these issues so we can make the decisions that suit our fear quotient.

To stay in our homes or home cities because we fear terrorist attacks means they have already won the first phase.

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