This issue may now be going totally out of whack.

Not that we believe anybody official these days but the statements about the radiation that is emitted from a body scanning machine have been consistent.

The radiation, they say, is less than what you are going to get on your aircraft in flight for just a few short minutes.

And they refute the statements that the scanner cannot catch small objects or that they can’t differentiate between objects.

And they state emphatically that their pat downs have already stopped many a would be weapon carrier from boarding planes.

Nobody wants our children to be patted down aggressively. But there are terrorists who are happy to use them as their bomb mules.

And while I expect that a few security personnel have gone overboard and should be fired, I think they have a hard job in balancing protection and personal rights.

I hope people will use the scanner for all the right reasons.

From a health perspective I suspect the their has at least been a partial overreaction.

And from a protection point of view, it may still be the best option for all of us, given the current state of the world we lived in.

I hope some sanity can return on this issue soon…on both sides of the argument.