Clearly the explosion at the Grand Riviera Princess resort was a tragedy that affected the lives of many…and has raised many questions from tourists.

Tourism is Mexico’s third most important industry, so why did they not order an immediated shutdown. In the end travellers will accept that freak accidents happen, and will quickly resume their vacation plans that include visiting the Playa del Carmen area.

But it helps when authorities ack quickly to get to the bottom of the cause. Mexico has a problem in this way. They frequently seem to slow to get to the bottom of many of the negative things that happen to tourists in their country.

This closure is said to be a preventative measure made so that investigators can dig deeper into what caused  the blast.

The finger now seems to be pointing to liquefied petroleum gas and methane with still some possibility it was swamp gas…something few have heard about.

Apparently, according to a CBC television report, the last explosion of that nature was in England in 1984…clearly a rare occurance.

The State Attorney General, Francisco Alor has said that investigators have unearthed  “irregularities” in some of the hotel’s installations, along with “inappropriate” developments at the resort.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please get at it quickly, honestly and effectively.

I believe this will prove to be a one off kind of accident. And I will be happy to go back to Playa Del Carmen area tomorrow.

But the families who lost loved ones, those considering booking the area now, and the entire tourism industry in Mexico needs your due diligence.