In a couple of days I will be on my way to Texas. While the trip is about golf we will be there for U.S. Thanksgiving and of course the day after which is Black Friday.

Two nations so close who buy and celebrate the same but at different times.

Black Friday is about bargains…and no self respecting store, even the high end ones, would open without special buys and clear outs.

Canada waits a month and does it all on December 26, Boxing Day.

We get together with our families from all over the place on Christmas Day.

Americans, who tend to work all over the nation, most often far from their homes, gather together as families on Thanksgiving, the bigget travel weekend of the year.

But in the end, in this regard we are the same.

Family is important and for one period of the year we all go out of our way to ensure we can ‘make it back home.

And we love the idea of a bargain…even though not all purchases end up being superspecials.

We will certainly visit the malls in Texas…but the truth is we will only buy so much. But wait until Boxing Day and watch those gift cards get cashed in.

Different cultures…same habits.

So Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to all.