With great fanfare the Airbus A380 was introduced by flying it to airports around the world to show it off.

This mega-plane which sells for a cool $350 million USD each triggered the excitment of the travelling public, but more importantly it motivated the writing of cheques by several of the world’s major airlines.

Companies like Lufthansa, Singapore and Quantus Airlines expecially could hardly wait to transferr a good part of thier long haul fleet.

Then the unexpected occurred.

The expensive Rolls Royce engine that powers all A380’s started to disintegrate during a Quantus flight. This is not something paying passengers tend to put up with very long.

Quantus did the right thing and temporarily grounded the entire A380 fleet…as did others.

Aircraft manufacturing is big business and so far Airbus has not told its customers that there will be any delays while the problem is being researched by Rolls Royce for effective resolution.

But they seem to have found something because they have essentially asked for an aircraft version of a recall.

It has gone to Airbus and asked them to give back all of the engines that were on the production lines to Rolls Royce so they could replace the faulty ones already in service.

I believe Rolls Royce will solve the problem and the Airbus A380 will take its place in the line-up of BIG in the airline industry.

But has the problem really been solved?  Can I feel secure while Rolls Royce works out the kinks? Did they do that before shipping the last series to Airbus that they are asking to be recalled to fix the faulty ones in service?

Are they replace faulty ones with faulty ones?

I look forward to my first flight aboard an A380…but I may just wait a while.