Shaun Crawford is a Winnipegger. He loves to travel.

Last year his choice of getaway destination for winter was Puerto Vallarta. He stayed in a very nice all inclusive property…and had a great time.

He actually booked his travel through Journeys/Renaissance Travel about 3 weeks before he departed.

That would have given him time to book a travel health appointment, but like most people who travel to Caribbean and Mexican destinations, it didn’t seem to be a priority.

After all how many of us have visited these destinations many times, and other than the occasional case of ‘the revenge’ we have returned happy and thinking only of next years destination options.

Shaun came back and went to work immediately thereafter. But withing 3 weeks he became very jaundiced…and very ill and weak.

The doctors thought at first he needed to get his gall bladder removed. Luckily one person heard him talk about his trip to Mexico from which he had just returned.

The lights went on and he was diagnosed with Hepatitis A almost immediately after that.

Shaun was off work for 5 weeks and says he never recovered full strengh for months.

So why doesn’t everyone get vacinated ahead of time?

Travel health is not only not covered by most medicare coverages, but it is a ‘foreign’ subject to most physicians.

In fact, at our travel health clinic a huge percentage of our clients are referred to us by doctors.

Many people doon’t put the travel health in perspective. Ask Mr Crawford for his recommendation and he will tell you that it, against the total cost of your trip, is likely one of the least expensive investments a person who travels can ever make.

I interviewed Shaun on the Journeys Travel Show on Sunday October 3. You can listed to that interview without commercials on then click on travel tips and then the October 3 Journeys Travel Show. Get directly to it at

It was a very powerful interview…and if you ever had questions about whether you want to proceed with appropriate vaccinatins ahead of time, his words will erase all questions.

The major disease control centres in the world all strongly urge travellers to get vaccinated against Hepatitis in particular when going to these countries, but they don’t run ads. As a result few hear about it.

In the end only a travel health professional can tell you what you should have going to any country. And personal health histories will affect what is likely to be recommended.

But to not take the precautions may have consequences, as Crawford points out, not just for you but for your family as well.

There are many ways you can become infected. One of the suppliers of these protective drugs in an ad a couple of years ago showed a glass with a beverage inside it.

The ad pointed out that the problem was not with the alcohol or the mix…or even the little umbrella stuck over the glass, but rather the ice that was in it.

You just never know who has handled the ice, the food that is served or other related services where human touch comes into play.

This is a serious issue for travellers, many of whom have never even contemplated protecting themselves because they saw no need.

Listen to Shaun’s words and you will change your thinking forever.

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