Mexican Tourist Board officials have announced that visitations to that country by air were 35% higher this June than in the same month a year ago.


This, if accurate, would be the clearest signal yet that the drug problems of last year are pretty much gone from the collective tourist mind.


We are already finding that it is still the most requested sunspot destination at Journeys/Renaissance Travel. My discussions with agents inform me that the subject does not even come up.


With the fall of Mexicana Airlines there might have been some concern, but additional service has been quickly bumped up from both the United States and Canada to Mexican destinations.


And the tourist board also points out that the countries largest transcontinental airline AeroMexico has also stepped in to buffer up routes that suddenly became abandoned because of the fall of Mexicana.


Why does Mexico continue to grow in spite of the occasional problem.


Price and convenience…along with a well developed tourist infrastructure.


While there certainly are a number of competing countries for the sun destination dollar, the resorts in Mexico tend to be well managed and kept up to date.


The workers are friendly and efficient for the most part.


We can get their reasonable quickly from most Canadian and US originating cities, and let’s face it the Peso is a good buy with plenty of modern and traditional outlets to spend them at.


It will be another good year for Mexico. They, and we, only have to hope the hurricane season does not pick on them again as it has done in past years.
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