It is early in the season when we start planning our winter holidays.

And it is also the season that the weather people start applying names to each potential hurricane that is building itself up into a potential monster.

A long time ago it was decided that rather than numbering them each season they would apply a name based on a subsequent alphabet for each one.

It is only September and Earl is trying to decide just how bad of a Labour Day weekend they will give people living, and thinking of visiting the East Coast.

Airlines are already allowing flight changes without penalty.

Areas are calling for complete or partial evacuations.

Golf in the Carolina’s this weekend perhaps should be called off. That trip you planned out of the Maritimes on a quaint lobster boat should perhaps be put on hold.

As the season progresses we will wonder if the beaches we are booking for a January visit will still be there if we see more alphabetically delivered names.


Let’s call natures hurricane makers together in June and July for a conference.

Clearly these controllers of bad weather are powerful, but not smart.

Let us teach them the alphabet, and have them repeat it silently to themselves. And give them challenges by spelling unique proper names that come from all over the universe.

After a few days of this, we simply inform them that for their diligence in learning we are giving them the rest of the season off.

They can relax for at least a year and blow up some gentle winds for the coastal regions of the world.

I am not only convinced this will work but I feel certain a Nobel Prize is in my future. I don’t care about the money. It’s just nice to contribute to world tourism.