It started with the notice that Cruise West was restructuring with new owners and so would be not taking bookings.

Now I have seen a number of corporate ownership changes, but not where business ceases for any long period of time.

Good faith prevailed with a considerable salting of doubt.

The headline read “Cruise West terminates Spirit of Oceanus Voyage as part of restructuring; offers advice for those guests affected”.

What is the advice that is given to clients as the period of restructuring takes place…so to speak.

It is as follows

For those booked Spirit of Oceanus guests who may be affected by this news and have not yet travelled, Cruise West recommends the following:

– If third-party travel insurance was obtained, a claim should be placed immediately with the insurer.

– If payment was made by credit card, a claim should be placed immediately with the card issuer.

– If the payment was made by cash or cheque, and the guest has no travel insurance, they can send an email to

For further details, visit,

Sure…Everything is just fine…and I do hope everything does turn out ok in the end… history is not on their side.