This really is getting tiresome and frustrating.

Mexicana Airlines have just s filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada.
Thankfully bankruptcy protection is not the final nail in the coffin and the parent company of Mexican, Nuevo Grupo Aeronoautico belives it can restructure and bring the airline back to its former glory…whatever that was.
In the meantime it has shut down a number of routes until they can bring cost into line with market conditions. Again, what does that really mean today? Fewer people doing more work and substantively reduced service.
That is the model for many low cost carriers that are making money and interestingly ist own low-cost, domestic carriers Mexicana Click and Mexicana Link are not involved in the filing.
On the surface it might not seem like this would affect those of us in Canada or the United States. Other than a few routes which might be picked up by local carriers what is the impact we might surmise.
However Mexicana also leased its aircraft to charter tour operators, who carried passengers to the sun destinations we treasure over the winter season.
They were not the biggest carriers but the timing of this is fortuitous because there might have been some real disruption had this taken place during the winter destination months.
Let us hope that Mexicana is able to restructure and operate successfully again. But it will be on the backs of its people and its service.
And it is yet another signal that the aviation industry still has a long journey ahead to get to recovery.