There has been a lot of press lately about the Obama administration opening up the rules to allow more travel to Cuba.

The key word is more. What is currently under consideration has nothing to do with allowing Americans complete access to the beaches of Cuba in the same way Europeans and Canadians have.

All they are considering, and not without opposition, is creating an environment where sports groups, academics, researchers, plus humanitarian and cultural exchange groups could get in and out of the country without having to go through a bureaucratic maze.

Interestingly about 70,000 people are given permission to go to Cuba each year. They are legitamate journalists and people who have close relatives there who need to visit, either because of health or other legitamately deemed reasons.

It is estimated that if the policy were completely reversed, more than half a million US tourists would flood the beaches and historic sites of the country.

I suspect in the first 5-8 years it the numbers would even be greater than that, triggering a building boom of massive preportion.

It has always been strange to observers that Cuba has been forced to live in a time capsule as a result of US policy over events that took place half a century ago.

Yet other countries who dispise US policy…and actually hate Americans…which Cubans do not, are open to US citizens to freely visit.

Some of those, as pointed out by CNN are Tehran, Khartoum, and Pyongyang, fall in that category, and are far more recent than Cuba by far.

So in the meantime US tourists who wish to go to Cuba, and they number in the 1000’s, will book through Canadian, Mexican, and European agencies for their taste of a Cuba Libre.