What an absolutely perfect expression of travel.
Has a person ever traveled to another country where they have spent enough time to look around and experience their surroundings, not come back educated and unlightened?


Has learning about the history of another country and its people not provided an appreciation for their culture today.


And have we not come back to our homes with stories of awesome wonder at what we have seen and done.


I have frequently written about the peace through travel concept, an underlying slogan for one of the world’s largest hospitality drivin organizations, SKAL.


Perhaps it is why terrorists indeed target tourist sites. They may have read Mark Twain and gained an appreciation for the power of personal visits.


They are destined to fail, we travel to overcome our own prejudices, sometimes not even being aware we have them.


Our minds are opened by the experiences we gain on our journeys.


It is why I so strongly encourage parents to travel with their children. Take them to see the people of other regions in your own country.


And don’t be fearful of taking them on the longer excursions to the countries where the cultures are so dramatically different from ours.


You will all return more mature, more able to learn, and willing to appreciate the unknowns we run into throughout life.


It was a fellow tweeter who placed this quote from Mark Twain online.


It is as powerful today as the day it was written and has been an integral part of my life and the reason I travel so much.


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