Threats of terrorism will not work over the long haul in Greece or any other country

There was another bombing in Bangkok a number of days ago.



This week some splinter terrorism group in Greece announced they will try to attack tourists and tourist sites.



The bombing that took place in India over a year ago targeted a hotel where foreigners stay.



After 9/11 terrorists targeted the avaition industry as a means of publicity.



The goal of these zealots seems to be to hurt the economy somehow shoving policy in their direction.



This does not and will not happen.



The terrorists also seem to want to gain public support through their actions. The only support they get is from their own hardened group.



Here’s why it does change the economic realities of a country.



Because the industry is important in bringing in foreign dollars the countries affected will go to any degree to enhance security.



Yes, billions will be spent on security but look at the history.



Israel may be one of the most targetted countries in the world and has built a security apparatus that has been extremely effective.



It is not to say there have not been terrorist successes but look at the results from a broad perspective and Israel may be one of the safest countries to visit.



Look at the United States.



They to have been ongoing targets. And billions have been spent on keeping it secure. And it’s working.



Travellers may not like the ever evolving numbers of security checks, but in the end accept them willingly for the overall security these measures provide.



Make no mistake, we all need to be vigilant when we travel anywhere…and some events, however infrequent will take place.



But Bangkok will do what it has to do to protect tourist sites, as will Greece and every other country that finds itself in similar situations.



Tourism terrorism does not and will not work over the long haul.