Oh those were the good old days weren’t they!

Saying hi to our corporate and wealthy friends getting relaxed in their big comfy seats in the front cabin of the aircraft, as we jostled our way to the hospitality section.

At time we could wonder if the quieter ride and extra perks one could get for paying the upgrade was worth it.

In the end, you decide, you’re not so badly off. After all being only a couple of rows behind the business class section gave you a good chance to get off the plane and on your way fairly quickly.

You saved a few bucks by packing wisely in your carry on bag, so like the hero in the ‘Up In The Air’ movie, you have saved time as well…and we all know that time is money.

In the never ending war to hide the real price of a ticket, and the committed effort airlines have to come up with new ways to irritate their customers, American Airlines has added another cash cow to is already full arsenal of extra charges.

This time you will pay extra to sit at the front. No not business class silly…the first few rows of hospitality class are now worth between $19 and $39….and that’s just for flying in the North America.

There is no word yet on how much these valuable seats will cost to go overseas.

U.S. legislators, who don’t like messing with private business very often, are responding to complaints from business travel associations.

The associations are saying companies can no longer effectively budget the travel expense line of their financials…and they don’t like it.

Will congress react.

I doubt it. But there is at least some hope.

Will the new front rows seat charge spread to other airlines.

The low cost carriers seem to avoid following in the footsteps of the failing traditional airlines, as do those carriers who find themselves in a competitive dogfight on a route by route basis…as exists in Canada.

But if not this one, another will surely follow. And we see the big ads in the newspaper that excite us with the low low fares being offered, we know their are several financial strings attached to temper our enthusiam dramatically.

I don’t care…I kind of like those back row seats that don’t recline. And I get to talk to all the rest of my budget conscious friends as they make their way to the back of the plane to use the washroom…for which Ryan Air and others who follow…may soon be charging an extra use fee as well.