Not everyone is aware that since the days after the Icelandic volcano eruption, those that purchased travel insurance for their trips to Europe were not covered if another eruption affected their holiday.

The travel insurers treated volcanic eruption in the same way they do pre-existing conditions.

Since you are aware of it, and it can affect you during the duration of your vacation, you are not covered.

But similarly after a designated period of stability you can get compete coverage for the condition again.

While for volcanic ash interuptions that period of stability lasted from shortly after the volcano first sent its anger into the skies, until yesterday…May 16.

So now you can and will be covered by RBC insurance.

You need to check your own policy if it is not RBC, but I suspect most will follow suit, if not wantingly, but through the realities of the competitive environment.

As outlined in the blog below, we were on our way to our cruise from Venice when we were prevented from travel because of the ash clouds.

While I am glad we have protection coverage again, I really hope, for the sake of the entire industry let alone the consumer, that this does not happen again.

And as I said in my previous blog, please consider joining my wife and I on this upcoming reskeduled cruise, leaving from Venice on May 9, 2011.

I am really excited because my sister and brother in law have decided to join us.

They are a fun couple and raise the energy of any gathering.

Like most who take this cruise we will go early and stay after in order to explore Italy to a greater extent.

And will leave comfortable in the fact that if a volanoe in Iceland or anywhere else erupts with enough force to affect our trip, we are covered by RBC.

If you are travelling anywhere and want travel insurance go to and click on to the RBC icon.