Is there anybody who watched the devastation in Haiti a few months ago who did not want to keep on giving to save the nation?

Were we not clamouring to get food supplies and medical help to them as quickly as possible?

Did we not do a silent cheer when dignataries like Canada’s Governor General and US leaders went there to pledge more funds for reconstruction?

So what’s happened?

More than three times as many people are affected and flood affected regions are larger than the entire mass of the British Isles.

This time we are leaving it to governments to jump in to make the pledges.

There can be a couple of arguments made. Haiti is close. We are by geography almost neighbours.

Connected to the Dominican Republic, we have come to recognize them as one of the poorest nations in the world.

But isn’t their more?

Behind it all isn’t there a bigger political barrier.

And I don’t mean from our governments. The United States after all just committed a half a billion dollars.

That was humanitarian but it was also political. We need to try to hold them as allies and these days money talks and often makes fast friends.

I suggest each one of us who has not written a cheque has a form of political agenda as well.

We are not sure that Pakistan is not harbouring terrorists who may be trained to come to our western countries to try to blow us up, or worse.

We can’t truly identify with the religous beliefs they espouse.

We don’t see them as destinations in our tourism bucket list that one day we want to visit before we die.

We see them as a political problem that is not resolved.

So we reach into our pockets but we don’t take anything out.

Yet if we look at the devastation, the human calamity, the absolute chagrin on the faces of the people who likely care little about politics in any form, can we not overcome our prejudices.

Even in a period of a recession our wealth is huge compared to most other countries, let alone Pakistan.

Perhaps when we remove our hands we should clutch on to some dollars and find the heart to support a people, if not a nation, who are suffering terribly.