I don’t know how people find out about home style remedies but they even exist for travellers who suffer from jet lag.
According to the U.S. Library of medicine “Jet lag is a sleep disorder that occurs when the body’s biological clock does not correspond to local time. This is common when traveling across different time zones.”
Someone asked me the question, “If I eat cherries on my overseas flight, will it help stave off the effects of jet lag.
What a question I thought. So I started to do some research.
I found information on a government website.
On their website ( they list a number of suggestions to help control the worst effects of jet lag.
They recommend going to bed earlier a couple of nights ahead of your departure if you’re travelling east and a couple of hours later if travelling west.
Easier advice taken if you’re travelling west. There always seems to be too much to do to go to sleep early so that is a tough assignment if you are going East.
While in-flight, they say, you should avoid sleeping at times that wouldn’t be appropriate for sleep at your destination.
Along with a number of other suggestions they recommend you consider taking some melatonin (3-5 milligrams) at the time at which it would be appropriate to sleep at your destination.
Melatonin helps put your body’s sleeping patterns (circadian rhythm) back on track. When someone travels over different time zones it throws the body’s rhythm off.
Taking it about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep will help put the body onto the new sleeping pattern you desire.
Good advice but do cherries help do the trick as well?
The answer is yes because of their higher levels of melatonin. Therefore they will, in fact help stave off the effects of jet lag.
A number of studies have suggested that cherries in particular, because of their antioxidant and other properties, come with significant other multiple health benefits as well.
Remember though many countries have strict rules about importing fruits so you would want to make sure you are not entering the country you are going to with any leftovers.
My better suggestion is to look at one of the commercial products that many long distance travellers take when they travel, appropriately named No-Jet-Lag.
I know many that have used these and swear by them. My daughter, wife, and I all use No Jet Lag regularly when going through time zones.
We believe they have helped us a lot and my wife too really feels better for their use for the days after we reach our destination.
Each box contains 32 tablets, sufficient for 50 hours of flying time and is reasonably priced at about $16.