Under the category of ‘what will they think of next’ this one was tough to see through.

Flying pasties! For a guy who spends half his life searching new travel products, this really came as a surprise to me.

For those whose modesty is such that they don’t want anyone to see them naked, including the people behind those new complete body scanners being installed in airports around the world, American free enterprise has come up with a barebones solution.

From day one, many have never liked the fact that some stranger behind a screen somewhere can view ‘all of me’ each time they pass through an airport body scanner.

So when I heard there was some sort of protective device to stop the screeners from ‘seeing everything’ I had to find out what the hidden secret was behind this new product I kept reading about.

Well, welcome to the new world of travel in the 21st century. The solution for your ultimate modesty is a recently introduced product called Flying Pasties.

The creators of the product say air travellers can have adequate protection from intrusive full body scanners while not interfering with airline security.

The naked truth is that now you can protect your private areas from the intrusive eyes of those guys in the other room who, it has now been proven, have retained images they were bound not to store.

This information created a significant media response when it was first found out. Since then, a tighter clampdown on the scanners has been promised, but many still wonder whether the process can be trusted completely.

In the future, body scanning equipment may be introduced to sports arenas and even large beverage establishments that have worked hard to keep weapons out of bars and nightclubs.

With that kind of growth for the body scanning industry, this product may have a future.

The pasties, designed for women or men, are available online at www.flyingpasties.com

If size matters, and I am sure for many of my readers this is an immense concertn, so far as I can see, at the present time it is a one-size-fits-all product.

But who knows, increased demand may change that.

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