It is the beginning of the booking season for winter vacations and the usual trend is reasserting itself again.

Wedding groups have been thinking about destination options for months. And now that they have made their decision the vast majority of them have decided that one of the Mexican options is for them.

The Iguana should be the national symbol since you can find them almost everywhere.
Earlier this year when the government was trying to firefight its way to the bad guys in Mexico City, there were fears this return would not materialize this year. Those days seem to be forgotten, even by the government who in the end let their man get away. Who wouldn’t want to forget that kind of failure.
The tourist board in Mexico has launched a major advertising offensive to make sure we have forgotten those days. What I find surprising is the approach.
They have concluded that we all go for the sun and beach anyway, so their campaign extolls us to see the Mexico we don’t know.
I hope it works but there is a reality. Most people go to sun destinations to relax and not go anywhere. That really is too bad because there is so much more to see in Mexico, but with a week holiday, and a whole lot of stress to have removed from our living carcuses, we don’t tend to take the exploration bait easily.
Waves splashing over a breakwater in Playa Del Carmen, one of the most popular resort areas.
The other reality is that the tour operators have really built up solid relationships with the Mexico properties, and air service is easy to coordinate.
The Mayan Riviera, over the past decade, has seen phenomenal growth, while the tried and true places like Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan keep on sizzling. Add the calm of places like Huatulco to the equasion and it really is no wonder we keep going back.
The options are varied and in some ways we can feel like we are experiencing a different country as we move from region to region.

The beach of Mazatlan is a calling. And the city has really progressed in its tourist infrastracture.

The thing about Mexico that is also appealing is the fact that if you are a young or older couple, it offers all inclusive or great ‘downtown’ dining.

You can keep busy all day on or off the resort.
But it is also and excellent family destination. So many of the properties cater to children and families.
Everyone comes back feeling the way they dreamed they might as they planned their holiday.
I have been to Mexico more times than I can remember. I do love the other destinations like the Dominican, Jamaica, Bahamas and the rest. But Mexico has something that makes me, and so many others coming back.
And after the negative publicity of a few months ago, I am really happy about that. It’s still not a developed country and our dollars go a long way to bringing up their standards…And they actually seem like us.
If you are looking at a Mexico vacation this year, I hope you will consider booking with us at Journeys/Renaissance Travel.
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I look forward to talking to you soon Amigo. And please comment on your Mexican experiences.