An Angus Reid survey of Canadians done on behalf of American Express suggests that service and food quality are the top two expectations Canadians have when they travel.

There are variances from across the country but in most categories Canadians give similar responses.

Notable in the differences is the higher expectation Quebec residents have for quality of food, not surprising if you have visited Quebec city or Montreal as I have over the past few months.

How do U.S. travellers differ?

This survey doesn’t tell us that but hopefully our readers south of the 49th will comment.

Typically, and this is surely universal, Canadians want a luxury vacation at a budget price. Gee don’t we all.

What I found particularly interesting was that the quality of hotel accomodation is really important, with 82% of Canadians saying the quality of accomodation impacts the enjoyment of their trips.

Considering we just go back to our rooms to sleep for the most part, this surprised me. But it is evident that the places we stay form an important element of the vacation experience.

Another shift in travel patterns over the last decade seems to be a move away from the short duration but greater frequency weekend excursions.

A few years ago that was the trend…trading in a longer holiday for a series of shorter escapes.

Not any more. We want the time to refresh and recharge at a destination that gives us relaxations or cultural and educational experiences over a week or two away.

Not surprisingly we all would like to use our reward points to enhance our planned holidays, but guess what? Across the country we all want to use these hard earned points but can’t because they can’t be used because of blackouts or lack of available seats when we wish to travel.

When we do travel, winter or summer, what really comes through is our desire for a breathtaking view from the room we are assigned.

We don’t necessarily want to pay a lot more but we will dig a little deeper to acquire that memory.

How do these results fit with your own holiday perspective. Please comment and I will gather the comments together and report on them in a communication in the future.

But always safe journeys.

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