Not that there ever was a real concern, but when David appears to have conquered Goliath it is fair to have some trepidation about what direction the new power will take.

One of the best results out of all the happenings of last year, this merger, the end of a couple of tour operators and charter airlines, and a price war that hurt everyone, appears to be a consolidation in more ways than one.

We can now differentiate the options by more than the name on the brochure. There will be little sharing of aircraft this year as it appears to be unfolding at this early stage of the booking season for winter travel.

Sunwing has run its own aircraft for its own product in the past with pretty much solid posative reviews for the most part.

Sunwing will now be Signatures airline as well so we know what we getting and the combined buying power of the two brands seems to be working out for the consumer.

There also seems to be a product differentiation taking place between these two inhouse brands. Signature will market the mid to higher end properties, offering more of the amenities travellers are willing to pay for in accomodation.

Be assured Sunwing’s product is good but they are positioning themselves more as the value driven option.

This is similar to what Transat Holidays does with its division Nolitours. Nolitours tends to be the budget option and will use Transat aircraft for the most part.

I like what I see this year, and while we all like super deals, I hope the market is able to stabilize itself. There is no bargain when your airline or tour operator goes broke and you are either stranded or fighting with your credit card company to try to get your money returned.