Some of my best memories with my children revolve around trips we have taken.

We started travelling with them when they were very young.

On a Disney vacation I have two memories indelibled in my mind about my daughter.

The first on the Small World Ride as I cried with watching her emotion over the multitude of dolls we sailed by.

The second on a ride that was a bit scary and she held my hand and said “We almost took the wrong ride Dad.”

My son and I took a trip to Austrailia together. He was 17 and it was such an eye opener for him that he went back several years later and travelled the country for about 5 months.

On a beach in Cuba I saw the warmth and caring of a people and the medical system when my daughter picked up a ‘Portuguese Man-o-war jelly fish’ and got stung.

People jumped to our assistance and as frightening as it was, I never will forget holding my daughter and hearing her cries.

Later my daughter and I went to London together for a few days. From morning to night we took in every possible site we could in the few days we were there.

My son and I have since been on two or three golf holidays and they are always at the top of my mind.

Last year my daughter, husband, and my two granddaughters travelled with us for a long weekend trip to Minneapolis. The bonding with the grandchilder took on a new generational travel experience.

I now look forward to a longer holiday with the whole family.

And in our family travel has been a part of our lives…and this father has many cherished memories with my children.

On this Father’s Day the best gift I could ever receive is the reliving of those memories on the road. They are very special.

To all of you Fathers out there…Have a very happy Father’s Day.